Abu Al-Hussein for Trading

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Abu Al-Hussein for Trading was established in cooperation with many of the hands on which it was founded. 1995 was the starting point for the work and the beginning of the provision of services to customers.



Strategic Relations
Abu Al-Hussein For Trading has strategic relations with many companies in the world and European and Asian international factories. This strategic relationship, Abu Al-Hussein Trading is a leading place in the market of rock drilling equipment and agricultural and electrical equipment. It offers manufacturing and import applications according to international and international standards and standards. Since its inception. By virtue of these standards, Abu Hussein has been able to cover the local market by 80% of the market share in the world-famous and internationally famous brands (Burkan-1), as well as other well-known brands that distinguish Abu - Al Hussein products (Trust and quality) make Abu Al Hussein also specialize in construction materials equipment - agricultural - electrical With these standards and commitment, Abu Al Hussein For Trading has established a relationship with customers, customers, suppliers and agents, and has supported and expanded their activities and marketing activities and has developed and provided many services that meet the needs and desires of all customer segments and customers.
Abu Al-Hussein For Trading is located in the Republic of Yemen - Sana'a, which is famous for its history and great and can give you a pleasant and comfortable business trip.

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